For Four Generations, we've been there for you, and we will be there for you!


Great grandpa Clarence and Great Grandma
       Clarence Enloe (Great-Grandpa) began what has become four generations of well drillers when he purchased his first drill rig in Portland, Oregon in 1913.  He moved the steam-powered cable rig to his homestead near Bend, Oregon where he drilled for several years before re-locating to Klamath Falls and establishing Klamath Drilling and Supply.  Not only did he drill domestic water wells, but he drilled hot water geothermal wells that are used for heating homes to this day.  In 1939, Clarence moved to Tacoma, Washington where he drilled several of the City wells.  He moved to Susanville, California in the 1950’s where he worked with his sons. All four of his sons (Don, Porky, Clyde and Doug) continued in the water well-drilling business.

During the Great Depression and into World War II, it was difficult to get steel casing, so Don (Grandpa) along with his brother Clyde moved to the San Juan Islands where he could drill water wells without the use of casing.  After World War II ended, Don moved to beautiful Mt. Shasta, California in 1949. He was featured in a driller’s magazine for a well he did for the City of Mt. Shasta that artesianed over 1000 GPM.  He grew weary of shoveling snow in the winter so he moved a short distance to Big Springs, California in 1961 where he lived, drilled and retired.  Like his father before him, all of his sons (Lynn, Larry and Lee) went into well drilling.  

Lynn (Dad), as his father did, grew up around well drilling.  He worked for his dad for a time before going to college and becoming a chemistry teacher.  In the early 1970’s he moved back to Mt. Shasta from Red Bluff and decided to carry on the family tradition of well drilling.  Besides drilling in northern California, Lynn has drilled wells in Alaska and Hawaii with cable rigs, air rotary and mud rotary.  He started his current company in the early 1990’s. Like his father, and his father’s father, all of his sons (well, that’s just me) have gone into water well drilling. 

Arley (Lynn’s son) grew up around water well construction in Mt. Shasta, California.  He studied history in college, completed a doctorate in ministry and served 10 years as a pastor in Alaska, but still couldn’t get away from the family calling.  He purchased his father’s business (Enloe Drilling, Inc.) in 2013 and has been involved in helping with well construction in Africa for charity through The Clean Water Project since 2008.  He has no idea what his two sons will wind up doing, but they both like hanging out around drill rigs.

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